Auston Matthews provides an insane prediction for Connor Bedard's NHL debut

Mike Armenti
September 27, 2023  (1:23 PM)

I'm sure everyone is well aware of the fact that Auston Matthews is a freak of nature, at least when it comes to hockey. The 2016 1st overall pick was not only everything that was advertised, but as we all know, he ended up becoming much, much more - and it all started with a sensational NHL debut.

Back on October 12th, 2016, Matthews put the NHL on notice with a 4-goal game to open the Leafs' season against the Ottawa Senators. Yes, the Leafs lost that game, but then again, nobody was expecting much from a Leafs team who finished dead last in the NHL just a few months prior.
Matthews was the first rookie in NHL history to come in and score 4 goals in his debut. This morning, ahead of tonight's game against the Buffalo Sabres in St. Thomas, Ontario, Matthews caught up with the media and one of the questions he was asked was whether or not he thinks 2023 1st overall pick Connor Bedard would score 4 goals in his NHL debut as well. Matthews' response was a surprising one.
"I'm sure he can get six," Matthews said of Bedard, with a huge smile on his face. Yes, I'm sure part of him was joking, but it's also very likely that some part of him believes it could actually happen.
Bedard is a special player. Every time an NHLer skates with him for the first time, they always seem to come away from the experience blown away by his tremendous skill, work ethic and intelligence. With the respect that he has been able to earn before he has even played an NHL game, it should go to show you that nothing is off limits for Bedard, who is largely believed to be the next generational talent.
Bedard draws influence from a number of NHLers, but he's not trying to be anyone else. Bedard once told the media that he's not looking to be the next Connor McDavid. He's looking to be the first Connor Bedard, and while he does look up to Auston Matthews and emulate that patented Matthews drag shot, Bedard is very much a player with his own unique flavour. If Matthews is saying he can score 6, who are we to believe otherwise?
Auston Matthews provides an insane prediction for Connor Bedard's NHL debut

Do you think Bedard has the skill to be able to score 6 goals in his NHL debut?

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